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Client’s Say

“Doug was on time, efficient and informative. He left me with the impression that he had actually inspected the home, something I have unfortunately not felt in the past with other services. When he was done, he walked us around the house and explained his findings in detail. I was particularly impressed with his eye for child safety concerns. He saw our 3 year old, and asked if we had more. When he found out we also have a 5 year old, I could see that he was looking at the property with their safety in mind, and I felt like this was “above and beyond” the typical checklist approach to home inspection. Thank you and well done.”

Z. Hiott, Seattle WA

“I thought you did a wonderful job stating problems so that I understood what would need to be done to correct them. I am a single mom and you helped me understand what I was getting into with this home and gave me the information I needed to make a wise decision. Thanks.”

M. Burtell, Billings, MT

“We ordered the inspection for peace of mind. We were buying and older house and wanted to know going forward, what sort of maintenance costs we would be incurring and the general condition of the home we were buying. Doug’s feedback more than paid for his services. His advice on how to fix the problems that he encountered spared us the expense of getting a contractor in that, no doubt, would have been more expensive and not nearly as thorough. Many thanx!!!”

K. McCarthy, Billings, MT

“Excellent inspection, above and beyond our previous inspections!”

Curt & Karla Gambill

“Doug did a great job. Truly a professional in all sense, and I would recommended PHI and his services to others in the future without question. He did not hesitate to point out the areas of concern with details and was very willing to answer my questions, which I honestly appreciate, because with the purchase of a home, being a substantial investment, it’s definitely nice to know and understand the current status of the property and what to expect for future mainten”

Darrel Williams

“I just wanted to thank you for the report you sent on the home inspection. It was very nicely done. I appreciated your professionalism during the walk through and the quality work you do. If anyone I know ever needs an inspector your name is coming up.”Thank YouCheryl Sheehan

I certainly will refer people to you. I think you provided excellent service. Thank you.”

Candi Beaudry

“I am new to Billings, Montana and Doug is the most professional and efficient person I have dealt with in my 11 months in Montana. I would recommend Premier Inspection to anyone I know. Thank you for a job well done.”

Kate Brandt

“Doug was able to do the inspection at the last minute. That really says a lot for his dedication to his business. Thanks Doug!”

Damian Forrester

“Appreciated the advice the inspector gave us, very personable and professional! Exceeded our expectations!”

Linda Tvedt

“Thank you for your prompt response and availability to do the inspection. My father who was visiting was very impressed.”

Rod Griffeth

“My client hired Doug. I gave her the information. She told me she was very impressed with him and loved the way he explained the process. Thanks Doug”

Patti Dundas

“This is my husband and my first house- it’s also a historic home. We are excited and nervous- but Doug did an excellent job of presenting us with what we’re getting into. There’s a bit of work that will need to go into the home, but the amount of knowledge that Doug brought was just what we needed to begin to prioritize what needs to be done and when. We also appreciated the throughness of the report (including the photos) and the fact that Doug let us know that we could call him with any questions that might come up. We would highly recommend Premier Home Inspections to anybody else who is buying a house!”

Molly Kaneski

“Thank you Doug! Your professionlism is what I look for when I recommend home inspectors to my clients. Your fees are acceptable and I will refer to you again.”

Jean Clugston, Prudential Red Lodge

“Doug, you do a great job, your professionalism and communication skills are excellent. You are available when I call and always willing to talk. If you hear of a problem you don’t run away from it but address it immediately. I have great respect for the way you work.”

Deb Parker

“Cant thank you enough. Being a single woman I truly needed constructive feedback on the quality of the home. I was very comfortable afterwards with the understanding of the quality of my new home. Thanks again for being so easy to talk to and ask questions too. I would recommend you to everyone.”

Jessica Reed

“Doug was great, very thorough and gave me great information that i needed to make my decision”

Michael Boespflug

“Great Inspector!!! Thank you soo much Doug. Very very professional and helpful!”

Ryan Fawcett

“I can’t imagine a more informative or higher skilled experience than what I had as a first time home buyer with Doug Corbridge.”

C. Partin, Billings MT

“Premier was very knowledgable and I felt very confident in his work. I felt I hit the jackpot with hiring Premier. I felt I found the best inspection company in the Rocky Mountain Region.”

L. Peron, Billings MT
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Client’s are saying:

"Excellent inspection, above and beyond our previous inspections!" -Curt & Karla Gambill

"I just wanted to thank you for the report you sent on the home inspection. It was very nicely done. I appreciated your professionalism during the walk through and the quality work you do. If anyone I know ever needs an inspector your name is coming up. Thank You!"
-Cheryl Sheehan

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