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Avoid a Laundry Room Flood in an Upstairs Laundry Room

Laundry room

An upstairs laundry room can create a lot of damage if there is ever a problem. Following are four tips to protect your home from damage if your upstairs laundry room develops a leak.


Tip 1: Install a Recessed Washer Box (available at home centers). The recessed box provides connections with shutoff valves for the water supply hoses and a drain for the washer’s discharge hose.


Tip 2: Install a Washer Tray under your washing machine. Set the tray tight against the back wall framing and run the drywall down to it. If the machine leaks, the water will be caught in the tray and safely drained away. (Washer trays are available at home centers).


Tip 3: Make Sure The Supply Hoses Are in Good Shape. Check older hoses for cracks and replace if necessary. If you’re buying new hoses, consider the no-burst ones; these rubber hoses are sheathed with braided stainless steel. Be sure to use new hose washers.


Tip 4: Turn off the Water to supply hoses when the washing machine is not in use for additional peace of mind. This is easy to do with a single-lever shut off.


Follow these four simple tips and you can help prevent damage to your home in the event of a laundry malfunction.


This home maintenance tip is brought to you by Premier Home Inspections at 406-698-2875.

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